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Math Teacher

About Me

My little brother was never very good at math. Our parents did not have a lot of time to work with him on his skills and he came home embarrassed. He sometimes needed a parent’s signature to show that they’d seen his score and he would come to me to fake the signature because he was too afraid to tell our parents that he was struggling. I told my parents what was going on and asked them if I could help him out. We acted like I was his math confidant and I helped him improve his grades. The next test he came home with, he ran to me to show me that it was an A and then immediately showed our parents. The look on his face made me know what I wanted to do with my life.

I love taking a student that is struggling and showing them that the ability to succeed is locked inside them. So many kids just need confidence to reach their goals.

My Skill

Problem Solving 95%
Geometry 85%
Algebra 85%
Trigonometry 90%

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