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Welecome To Tristate Home School

Information About THS

Tristate Home School started as a way for homeschooled children to get the added benefit of a part-time shared learning space. We are designed to supplement your homeschooling and give you the best education.

Welecome To Tristate Home School

Mission Statement

Children deserve the best learning experience that they can get. While homeschooling is a great option, it has always had drawbacks. We hope to reduce and eliminate those issues.

Welecome To Tristate Home School

Our Vision

Working with each other, we can expose ourselves to new ways of thinking. There are questions you do not think to ask that someone else has locked inside and you can do the same for them. Together, we can expand our minds to great ends.

Our Activities

Our Best Services For Your Kids


No more cafeteria slop with our healthy eating options


We have buses that can pick up your students

Sports Training

Athletics stimulate the mind and keep kids active

Music Training

Music teaches kids to think differently and create

Outdoor Activities

Go out and see the lessons in action in nature

Language course

Get started early with Spanish, French, or others

Enroll Your Child In Our School

Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers & Office Staff

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